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Nevada Attorney Adam Kutner Represents Wrongful Death Claimants


Adam KutnerThe heirs of a person killed in an accident caused by the negligence of another person did not always have the right to file a claim for damages. Recovering for monetary damages for the loss of a loved one is a relatively recent addition to the American legal system. Personal injury attorney Adam Kutner represents family members suing for compensation for the loss of a relative and the estate representative suing to collect damages on behalf of the deceased. Both claims are brought under the Nevada wrongful death statute.

Common Law

The American legal system is derived from the common law of England. Under English common law, the relatives of a person who was killed in an accident did not have a right of action against the negligent person who might have caused the accident.

Nevada Wrongful Death Statute

Eventually, states began to enact laws that created a right of action by the representative of the estate of a deceased person for compensation. Under Nevada law, the representative of an estate may sue the person responsible for the death of the decedent for medical expenses, funeral expenses and any penalties, including exemplary or punitive damages.

Included in the Nevada wrongful death law is a separate cause of action that can be brought by the heirs. The claim by the heirs is for the damages they suffer due to the loss of a loved one. Damages include loss of support, loss of companionship and damages for the pain and suffering or disfigurement of the deceased.

Limitations on the Right to Sue

The Nevada wrongful death statute does not open the door to lawsuits by everyone who might have been close to the deceased. Domestic partners, stepchildren and fiancees do not have the right to file a wrongful death action seeking compensation for their loss.

Only those individuals entitled to share in the estate of a person dying without a will are eligible to file a wrongful death claim. Those individuals entitled to share in a decedent’s estate include the surviving spouse, children, parents and siblings of the deceased.

Separate Causes of Action

Personal injury attorneys such as Adam Kutner know that it is a common practice to file the claim on behalf of the deceased person’s estate and the claim by the individual heirs as separate causes of action in a single wrongful death lawsuit.

The claim for damages by the decedent’s estate is separate from the claims by each of the heirs. Consequently, settlement of the estate’s claim with the person who caused the accident does not settle the claims by the individuals. If you have a claim for damages arising from the death of a loved one, an experienced wrongful-death attorney such as Adam Kutner can assist you.

Leading Couple in Electronic Systems and Integration


Who says married couples can’t run a successful business together? Fatih and Eren Ozmen display the contrary. As the CEO and CFO of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), the couples show that marriage and business can go well together. For almost a decade since they first acquired SNC, the company has become one of the US’ fastest growing private companies and one of the most prominent, woman-owned companies in its contribution and reputation in space, telemedicine, renewable energy, navigation/ guidance, fusion and transformation, electronic protection, and cyber security industries, among other things.

Maintaining a reputation of giving innovative and agile technology solution for years, SNC was ranked as one of Top 10 fastest-growing private companies in 2010 by Inc. magazine. Other awards and recognitions include the Government Computer News (GCN) awards in 2005 and 2006, 2001 Nevada Distinguished Business of the Year, the top Women-owned Business by FedList. Furthermore, SNC was recognized as one of the best places to work in Northern Nevada in 2009 and 2011, among other things. With a day care center on-site, working parents don’t have to worry about their kids while they work. With generous benefits and programs that encourage balanced work-and-family lifestyle, SNC now employs more than 2,100 people in over 30 locations across the USA.

This January 20, 2012, Fatih and Eren Ozmen were recognized as Aviation Entrepreneurs of the Year at the 9th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards that was held in Beverly Hills, California. With contributions that range from creating Mobile Air Traffic Control (ATC) System to Airfield Lighting System for remote locations, Autonomous Landing Guidance, Helicopter Autonomous Landing Systems, to human spaceflight Dream Chaser, SNC has become a revolutionary industry that work with a wide range of organizations and government institutions, including the NASA, US Army, US Navy, US Customs and Border Protection, and many more.

Fatih Ozmen joined the company in 1981 with a vast background in engineering. He holds a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. He makes use of his knowledge, experience, and insight to create innovations and solutions that answer the emerging demands of technology solutions in the global marketplace. Meanwhile, Eren Ozmen earned an MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno and immediately joined SNC in 1988. With the dynamic leadership, passion and strategic vision of the couple, SNC has successfully developed many solutions for various industries and organizations. The company still continues to develop state-of-the-art, future technologies at the moment this article was written.

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Making Use of Your Musical Talent


Everyone has their own talents. If they use their talents for some positive purposes optimally, it will produce something good as well. One thing that could be useful for social activity is music. If you have musical talent, you can use it to help people. Do you know that music is a means of sound therapy that can help healing process? Now there is healing therapy that uses music to help patients recover from their disease quickly. That is because music has a positive psychological effect. Some people believe that music can bring hope.

You can use your talents to help others. If you are an artist who would like to use your voice for social purposes, you can join in a non-profit organization that has a community outreach program. It uses music for many purposes, mainly as a healing art. The people who are involved in the organization use their voices for charity. They also use music to help the patients in hospitals. That way, they could bring hope that has a positive effect for the healing process. You can also participate in this organization to make use of your musical talent. Or, you can donate your money to support the program of the organization as well.

How to Choose Alimony Lawyer AZ


Living in Arizona means you need to follow the rules and regulations that are enacted by the local government. This applies for almost everything that you do, from purchasing a car to obtaining spousal maintenance (alimony in Arizona is more popularly known as spousal maintenance). Whether you have gone through a long separation with your spouse, are in the process of a divorce, or plan to appeal for spousal maintenance in court, you need to have a reason to do so. Once your case suits one of the several rules for spousal maintenance eligibility, you need to contact a reputable Arizona Alimony Lawyer that has years of experience and expertise in the industry. To make sure that you are contacting the right person, you may want to read these tips.

1. Find an Arizona alimony lawyer that also specializes in family law. Alimony is a part of the family law, therefore, by having someone who has practiced in the field of family law for years, you can have peace of mind, knowing that the lawyer knows what to do at the right time.

2. Find an Arizona alimony lawyer that has a good reputation throughout his or her career. In general, a good lawyer will have good reputation amongst his or her colleagues and is known for his extensive knowledge in a particular subject and skills in representing his or her clients’ cases.

3. Make sure that the Arizona alimony lawyer works to negotiate and advocate your best interests. Make sure that he or she has the license to practice law in the State of Arizona and the US District Courts. Make sure that the lawyer is a member of Bar Associations so you know that they have the right contacts to pull when needed.

Find alimony lawyer in your area that has extensive experience and expertise in the area, and defend your case by hiring the right person.

Laughing Buddha Statues for Home and Office


For thousands of years, people in the East have associated prosperity, blessings, wealth, and happiness with the laughing Buddha or Ch’i T’zu in Chinese. Although the Laughing Buddha is not the same as the historical Buddha whose teachings are still known today, the Laughing Buddha has long been the favorite Buddha personality among children, travelers, as well as businesspeople. According to the legend, the Laughing Buddha was actually a 10th century Ch’an monk from Fenghua (today’s Zhejiang province) who was quite eccentric and capable of doing small wonders such as weather prediction. Tradition has it that he revealed himself as Buddha Maitreya incarnation just before he died.

Afterwards, he is often depicted having a large belly and having a magical sack that never empties. His sack has sweets, seeds, and many more good things for children, the financially poor, and the weak. Today, storeowners, restaurant owners, as well as homeowners often place laughing Buddha statues in easily seen places of the building to cheer up situation and improve the overall atmosphere of a room. After all, who will not smile when looking at the fat-bellied smiling monk? When you are interested in placing laughing Buddha statues in the home or in the office, you can consider searching online for store that sells high quality laughing Buddha statues at a size that fits your particular space and at reasonable price. Get your laughing Buddha statue and cheer the interior up with it!

Support Art Advocacy for Brighter Future


sing for hopeWhen one is asked, what the benefit of supporting art advocacy projects is, the answer is a better and brighter future for the next generation. Arts has been proven to provide channel for young people to express their opinions, feelings, and excessive energy, preventing them from resorting to negative habits such as alcohol consumption or addiction. People are created with feelings that need to be managed and channeled. Some people may play sports, while others may engage in arts. Whichever their choice is, some children are just too underprivileged to get the arts supplies they need to expand their creativity and arts skills.

If you want to help these children out and support art advocacy for a healthier, better future generation, you can consider supporting charity organization such as Sing for Hope, a New York-based non-profit organization that focuses on art advocacy. Joseph M. Calahan, the Director of Cooperate Communications of Xerox Corporation said that arts education helped children in skills needed in the workplace, which include flexibility, the ability to solve problems, to be creative, innovative, learn new skills, and strive for excellence, to name a few. These show how important it is to help every children get access to arts education. Show your support for art advocacy and help contribute for a better future for this country.

Dentist Office in Boca Raton


dental associatyDental health is important for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Good habits, as well as the bad ones, start from a very early age. Therefore, going to a dentist and get all of your teeth and gums checked, along with your children’s teeth and gums checked, would help them realize the importance of taking care of their dental health. Dental health could affect one’s digestion system; affect one’s confidence in social situations, and overall performance. Workers who have dental problems generally suffer from migraine and other health conditions that affect their working performance. Meanwhile, job applicants with bad breath, swollen gums, or damaged teeth also have lower chances of getting a job they want.

Since dental health is highly important in today’s modern society where first impression matters, you can start searching for dental office in your area. If you live in Boca Raton, South Florida, you could start searching for premier dentist boca raton in the area that offers full-service dentist. See if they offer Saturday and late-hour dental appointments, so you know you can contact the dentist right away when any emergency arises. Check the dental office to see if they accept most insurances or other third party financing, and see if the dental office has limited time promo or special offers to help you save money on your dentist visit. Call them directly to make appointment and start taking care of your dental health today.

Choosing the Right Stock Broker in Australia


A Stock Broker is an agent who has a license to either sell or buy stock and share investments on behalf of their clients. Within Australia, there are three major types of stock brokers that are categorized based on the Stockbroking service level they offer.

Discretionary Trading Stock Broker

This is the most comprehensive type among the three stock broker types. Although different firms may give different term or title, but it is commonly referred as Discretionary Trading Stock Broker. Brokers who offer this stock broking service are given full authority by their clients to make decisions regarding the stock trading and conduct trades at their discretion.

Full Service Stock Broking

This is the second service level of stock broker. In this stock broking type, investors or clients have right or allowed to be involved in a small measurement with as little risk as possible. Usually, a discretionary advisor is also giving full service stock broking. But the distinction between the two of them is that in full service stock broking, the advisor will only give advices or suggestions to clients regarding what stocks to buy or sell, but the client is the one who makes final decision.

Execution Only Stock Broker

This service level usually only used by experienced investors who need input and advices in a minimum amount and simply need a stock broker just to execute their stock trading. Online stock brokers are commonly included in this category.

After you know all of these, you may conclude that choosing the right advisor is important for your investment success. If you are just going to start investing and have less experience, you may want to give your advisor control of your investment. But keep in mind that the more responsibility you give to the stock broker, the more they will cost you. But it is still much better instead of gambling alone with minimum knowledge.

Web Based Software for Logistics


Are you running a thriving third party logistics business that gets new customers every now and then? Do you often feel that you could not manage multiple clients, while at the same time you see that if managed properly, the company actually has the capacity and resources to do so? If you do, you might want to use third party logistics software to help manage your warehouse for better logistics management. By getting the right third party logistics software, you would be able to run your company more effectively, grow the business, and satisfy your clients better.

If selecting the right warehouse management software is challenging due to the various software products on the market, you should do a short research before you buy any software so that you can check the software features. Subsequent to this, you should compare prices of the multiple software products in order to find the one that suits your warehouse-logistics management needs. Working in the service and logistics industry today, you might realize that you need to have the competency to handle multiple customers.

Furthermore, each customer has different logistic practices, processes, and billing time. As more customers today demand for real-time information on their items, you should consider using warehouse management software that utilizes web-based technology to help increase warehouse efficiency. Browse around for warehouse software that helps you to add and inactivate customers and warehouses on the fly, and pay for what you use with no long-term contracts, and buy the right software for your logistics business as soon as possible.

Oxygen Concentrator for Limitless Freedom


Many people, especially senior family members feel empowered by their oxygen concentrator. For people who are using oxygen therapy on continuous basis, oxygen concentrator works miracle to help them do the activities they previously could not do because of respiration problems. From playing bingo with fellow seniors to having a day out in the park with the grandkids, portable oxygen concentrator provides the oxygen they need when they have difficulties in breathing.

What is an oxygen concentrator? An oxygen concentrator is a device that helps to improve the oxygen level in a room. However, traditional oxygen tank/ concentrators provide concentrated oxygen using the tank as the oxygen compartment. Therefore, when the oxygen level reaches low, patients have to stop doing their activities and recharge the tank. Thanks to the invention of state-of-the-art Inogen One oxygen concentrator. Today, senior family members that are in oxygen therapy could have limitless freedom using the advanced oxygen concentrator.

Different from most oxygen concentrator devices on the market, the Inogen One System makes its own oxygen from the surrounding air. It can be used for both daytime/ nighttime use and you do not need to worry about running out of oxygen. It also comes with rechargeable lithium ion battery, universal power supply, and nasal cannula along with cart and carry bag. You can visit Inogen One’s website and buy the oxygen concentrator right away online, and help your senior family members get the freedom they deserve to enjoy life.